About Corina

Corina is a West Australian artist specialising in drawing and painting.  She completed her Bachelor of Arts (Art) at Curtin University, Perth in 2009 and has been working as a self employed artist since graduating and has later gone on to become a specialist Art Teacher to both Secondary and Primary students.  Corina has displayed her work in a number of exhibitions and galleries including the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and her work is also a part of the John Curtin Gallery Collection.  


Artist Biography

When people ask me why I do what I do, why I paint and draw and create, my answer is always the same.

“Because I must.”

The work I do is deeply personal, welling up from a place of spirituality and raw emotion. It is from these two influences that I create.

My Christian faith and connection with God is fundamental to my work, and so much of my inspiration comes from reading ancient scriptures and connecting with God through prayer and music. The beauty of creation is found all around us and the majesty of God that it reflects can be found in my work’s form and colours.

My other influence is my emotions. My art is an outlet for processing my feelings and the most significant force in my process of creativity. I find that the deeper I delve into my own emotions the more universal my art becomes. From this place of authenticity, I connect with others as they view my art and allow themselves to find their own truth between the lines of mine.

As my emotions slide through thoughts and perspectives to physical movements, they outflow onto a canvas resulting in different colours, brush strokes, control and details. While my work is not reliant on my emotions, it has become a natural part of my art process. 

The primary mediums I work with in my art practice are oil paints, watercolour paints and pencils, although my style contrasts between different techniques. Surrealist, impressionist and expressionist styles can be found in my paintings, and the use of fluid brush strokes and pouring are also a part of my technique.  My pencil work is more a realistic style, and I use coloured pencils to create depth and layers to my drawings. The use of colour is a very important element in my art. I focus on using tones, shades and different saturations to create colour palettes that are aesthetically beautiful to viewers and evoke emotions within them.


Past Exhibitions 

2012  Heart and Hope Cambodia, John Curtin Gallery, Bentley

2010  Anywhere But HereSoto Espresso, Mount Lawley

2009  Curtin University Graduates Show, Curtin University, Bentley

2006  International Student Arts Festival Tokyo, Japan

2006  Year 12 PerspectivesArt Gallery of Western Australia, Perth